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Pulling knees into my pale chest,

I release a naked palm

out of its fist, softening my finger-

tips, uncurling,

but tonight like the rest,

I cannot close petals 

like a flower in spring

sealing out day, encapsulating dark

turning in on itself.

Cars crescendo and fall off

and the muffled cluck 

of chickens miles away

filters through with the light

washing blinds,

leaving traces of energy

that spark through my body,

taking root in the broken silence.

I burrow deeper into darkness,

seeking the shelter of dreams,

but thoughts ignite brain hemispheres

hairs push through pores,

and blood pummels in veins

surfacing on skin —

black earth 

in a summer meadow.

©1996, 2019 KB

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It's not about the picture?! (almost)

It's not about the picture?! (almost)

If it Ever Snows in the Springtime

If it Ever Snows in the Springtime