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Ms. Green Gene Smoothie

Ms. Green Gene Smoothie

Here is my recipe for a delicious mint green smoothie. You can swap out any ingredients that you don’t like and improvise away. This smoothie is not only nutritious, it tastes fabulous AND…I notice my eyes sparkling after I drink it. Greens and Fashion Glam do go together! Try it and let me know what you think. ~ KB

cold things:

1/3 cup frozen green peas

1/3 cup frozen kale or broccoli spears

1/3 cup frozen green beans

1/2 frozen banana, peeled

raw things:

1 small, green zucchini — cut in chunks

1/3 avocado — key ingredient to make the smoothie smooth and creamy

2-3 stalks celery — cut in thirds

1/2 cup fennel, fronds and stems with pithy center removed, cut in chunks

nuts & seeds:

1 tbspn. chia seeds

1 tbspn. soaked, ground flax seeds

1 tbspn. soaked pumpkin seeds

10 soaked, sprouted almonds, skins removed

1 - 2 cups H20


2 drops peppermint essential oil

A pinch or two of organic stevia powder

Optional: Small amount (to taste) of cacao nibs and dandelion greens for an extra kick

Optional: 1/4 Tsp. turmeric powder; powder is better than fresh which is too intense a flavor for this smoothie


Place some of the greens in your blender and cover with water.

Blend till smooth, then add the next batch.

Keep adding the greens till you have a creamy blend.

Add mint, stevia, and enjoy!

* If adding nibs, add them last and lightly grind them; they should still be visible when blended to ensure that you get some crunch!

*Please note: If you have any health concerns or conditions, be sure to request the dietary advice of your doctor before consuming.

~ KB

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