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Polka Dots, Stripes & Greens

Polka Dots, Stripes & Greens

I am gonna put on my green tutu and wear it all winter long. If we wear our greens, maybe we don’t have to eat so many. Kale, broccoli, peas; cucumber, celery, lettuce; fennel, green beans, and dandelioness — you name it — let’s go get our smoothies on, literally, and get on out in a field of green.

The tutu is too cute to sit out a season, don't you think? Even if it is made of a very thin cotton. Even if it really is a summer skirt.

I am make-believing the tiered layers, stitched with luminous gold thread, will add extra warmth.

With the tutu, I have paired my favorite polka-dot tights sporting a wide-elastic band so there will be no dimples or dents in my belly; no sir — comfort is key!

Adding to them, a knotted silk sash, featuring a pink poppy, fresh from the fields, well, almost! On top, a black-and-white, striped shirt and a gradating, aqua sweater to pick up the hues from my lower half. Black-and-white is the “neutral” here and unites the dots and stripes, even though they are clashing patterns.

When pairing patterns, they should match or really clash. Takeaway: If clashin' is your fashion, make it grand, to make it great!

And as for color, the color wheel goes round and round like this: Blue, red, and yellow are primary colors; Green, orange, purple (violet) are secondary colors. Based on the wheel palette, you can either choose a color in the same family, a color beside it, one that is opposite to it, or a variation on this theme.

Remember: Complementary colors add zing! In my outfit, the pink poppy is a complement of the green skirt/sweater, and each helps the other to POP!

POP is the word; no wall-flowers here!

Try some CLASH & POP of your own! Show me an outfit you have put together with multiple colors and patterns. An outfit that has one element from another season.

Break the rules, and let me know what happens when you do.

~ KB

Clothing: Striped top (missing label) from Marshall's; Sweater by Cynthia Rowley; Skirt by Odille; Spotted tights from JC Penney's; Bracelet: "Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime," from Glad Rags; Silk Sash by "O Originals" from Twice is Nice, Charlottesville, VA. 



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