Karrie Bos

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Swishing through the halls

in that rustling taffeta dress,

its outer shell of red lace oversized 

and awkwardly hitting the floor below,

I felt a perfect fit

in your old life.

Why did I spend so much 

time in those musty trunk of yours

when my mirrored reflection never lied?

There was true meaning to off the shoulder

but in the most unromantic

way, and my size six foot

always floundered

in your heeled, patent leathers.

Yet walking down the pine-slatted floors,

free from that outline on silvery glass,

I could add a decade, maybe two,

and skip past the gangly pubescence

that engulfed me then.

I could leap ahead in light years 

and be as mature as you must have been.

No waiting. No take a number.

~ KB

©1996, 2019 Karrie Bos

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who's to say