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Earning My Stripes

Earning My Stripes

I’m really missing my gray-and-black, striped leggings today. Of all things, right? But tights have become my second skin. Giving me warmth, and style, and a bit of levity to offset the weight of this world.

My favorite pair finally gave out, no matter how many times I stitched up the seams. There comes a time when a girl’s just got to do it and pitch them out — which I have not done yet.

Clutter alert. They are sitting right here on the floor in a pile. Which is probably why I noticed the light coming through my blinds today painting horizontal stripes across my legs.

I have opened the blinds in my room a thousand times before today, and the cast pattern has never stopped me in my tracks till now. They say the universe abhors a vacuum. Just couldn’t bear I be without my tights, I suppose. So they gave me my temporary stripes. Stripes that, from the looks of things, could not mask my crinkled, sagging skin.

Interesting what the light reveals in between the shadows. Crinkled, sagging skin? No wonder I am hooked on leggings. I suppose I should not fret. This is not a big deal in the scheme of things. We are all getting older every minute. And I have earned my stripes, after all. This has been no cake walk.

Besides, I can blame some of this on my camera. Digital cameras are powerful and record a lot more information in those little pixels. Sometimes too much. A high definition reality show. Really, who needs it? Good for seeing the details of a leaf, but when we start seeing pores on a person, magnified, maybe that is too far. I am all for realism on… another person, but, shoot, on me? I need a minute.

I chuckle realizing that my actual skin looks like I am wearing the worn-out, droopy tights I am about to toss. I think of the Tom Hanks character in the movie, “Big,” as he reverts back to being a boy. After his wish is granted to be a kid and go home again, his over-sized man-suit falls slowly around him like old skin.

Or the rumpled knees of tights on a young girl who has been out on the playground of life, playing hard.

We will drop our earth clothes soon enough, tights or no tights, wrinkles and all, and leave our body suits behind. In the meantime, aging and the changes it brings — it’s all good practice, as they say.

I need leggings and soft light to believe it.

~ KB

What garment of clothing buffers the aging process for you?

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