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Beverly in Her Element

Beverly in Her Element

For someone whose work takes place in the natural world, there was no escaping that we would go into the woods. How to capture someone in their element? It is not always an easy task, but Beverly made it simple with her innate connection to the land and her playful spirit.

“I feel like I have to get right down on this ground, with my hands in the dirt,” I seem to remember her saying. And the earth called us to these spots just off the beaten path, and then up the hill deeper into the woods.

Beverly Ingram is a certified ecotherapist, entrepreneur, and writer living in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the founder of Go Into Nature, which offers programs for adults and children to rediscover their connection with our earth and each other through outdoor experiences, to find healing through the scientifically based health benefits of the natural world, and to explore each person's gift in creating a shift towards caring for the earth in our everyday lives.

Asked about why she loves her work?

You return home with a new experience, and with new tools to carry the sense of peace that you have tapped into back into your life, and also to those around you. It is the ultimate gift.

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What clothing allows you to feel in sync with nature?

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Excerpts above from: where you can learn more about Beverly and her work.

Note: For her portrait shoot, Beverly arrived with an array of great outfits; we chose the knit because it allowed her to move freely and connect with the earth.

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