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I See a Rainbow

I See a Rainbow

There was a present on the fireplace hearth long ago when I was ten that sent me gasping and running back into my bedroom. Once the shock wore off, I crept slowly back towards the living room and peeked out from behind the wall. Carefully, as if the light beaming off of what I saw was too bright for human eyes.

I was not hallucinating.

You might think I must have spotted a scooter or a bike or something major. Something that could take flight or float or had an engine. Barbies. Or buckets of candy. But what sent me burying my head in the covers in ecstasy was an outfit.

Yes, you heard me right.

A rainbow laid out before me: A striped, rainbow vest with black edging, and a matching black, flared, paneled skirt with bumble bee and butterfly patches. Under the vest on a thin wire hanger was a pale, pink, double-knit blouse that matched one of the stripes.

My mom had made the skirt and bought the vest somewhere. It had been her vest for some time, so it felt extra special because I was about to own something that belonged to a grown-up!

I wore the ensemble with white, nylon knee socks turned over at the top like a cuff to cover my hairy legs and I still thought I looked like a princess. After all, when you can’t change something (like not being old enough to wield a razor), deflect! Stripes, colors, and patches to the rescue!

So, today, I am focusing on the rainbow in my rainbow-colored glasses and calling up memories from the archives of life. Some good ones, to offset things when it feels dark.

There are no photographs of this beloved outfit, which seems odd in this day of selfies. Most things are played out now on a screen somewhere. But this rainbow happened long before smart phones.

Besides, sometimes just the act of remembering is enough. Small, little details that may have gone unnoticed are unearthed when you do.

~ KB

Is there a treasure from your past that fills you with joy?

Glasses courtesy of the Spectacle Shop.

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