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Be a Light

Be a Light

If you don't wear your jeans within two years, it's time to get rid of them. Or so they say! But I am here to tell you: Toss that rule instead of those trousers. Why?

I would have pitched my most fashionable duds because they were either baggy or tight, or b) they were temporarily out of style. Pounds come and go, and so do fashions. So my rule is: If you love it, keep it, because tomorrow may be the day that your dud is divine!

Case in point: During my menopausal years, as my body tried to adapt to the hormonal changes, I could not even zip my favorite skirt. Yes, it was time to find acceptance for my muffin top. And that I did! I started to enjoy my new shape that rolled over the seams, but I also missed wearing my beloved skirt.

Part of my acceptance was denial. In the river of denial when I just couldn’t believe I would never wear it again, I turned the skirt into a lampshade and lit up the walls. Yep, you heard me right.

Over time, after waxing and waning hormones left my muffin top deflated, I gave the old skirt another try. And voila, I am now able to wear my former lampshade!

"Be the light you want to see in the world" — yes, that is a good rule, and I took it to heart!

After the rain, when the sun comes out, sometimes a rainbow does too. You never know when something from the past can become bewitching, transfixed, and transformed. 

And that goes for your clothes too.

~ KB

Is there a piece of clothing from the past that you have temporarily or permanently re-purposed? How so?

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valerie in full color

valerie in full color

rooted in silver

rooted in silver