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Wide-Angle Lenses

Wide-Angle Lenses

Sometimes it's difficult to get out that front door. They say a little denial is necessary to live on this planet, otherwise we never would go anywhere. If we truly contemplated what could go wrong, we would permanently glue our tushes to the couch and not move. We would become couch potatoes and sprout.

The only way I know to work with this dilemma is get in the closet. Yep, you heard me! Head to the closet and stay there, until you put together something you LOVE. Colorize. Accessorize. Layer-up. No soap needed!

Work with those hues, gems, and jackets till…you’ve created something, anything at all, that vibes with what you are feeling. Some kind of statement you can take out into this world that desperately needs your v-v-v-voice.

Many folks go to see healers, I get in the closet! The closet is filled with POWER tools. A power-tower of color on every shelf. If each body chakra is associated with a color, then colorful outfits just have to be healing.

We all know color has an effect on us. Blue cools, red heats us up! So, administer a color remedy in response to what is needed. Feeling hot-headed? Pull out your aqua jeans, add a sandy-colored “T,” and you are seaside instantly. The surf is up! As long as you keep those aqua pants on.

And remember, my Golden Rule: Put things together that don't go together. Bring together mis-matched bangles and bottoms. It's good practice for integrating the disjointed pieces of life. Really.

Break the rules and improvise. Why? Because someone else set those rules and they may not be your Truth.

So, be your own Truth Fairy and wield that magic wand — oh, for goodness sake!

~ KB

Tell me: What rule have you busted and been the better for it?

coco chanel

coco chanel

valerie in full color

valerie in full color