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Got Ya Covered

Got Ya Covered

Coats. My mom had a thing for them. Some coats she sewed for me, mostly when I was growing up, but she was over the top when she spotted a gem on the rack.

The fuchsia, wool, flared coat. The black-and-brown, suede, baseball jacket. The Anne Klein, blue, wool coat with a pleat in the collar that cascaded down the back. And the list goes on.

“Oh, you’re just not going to believe what I found! I got one for you and one for me,“ she’d announce, holding up her find and parading around the room.

Funny, how I still have these coats when I don’t have a single outfit she made me. And I am not sure why. I may have outgrown them or the styles, but nowadays that would not have stopped me from stashing them away for future use.

But not the coats. The coats endure. And there’s one in particular.

The fake, fur-lined and trimmed, hooded, reversible, winter coat with metal-covered drawstring ties at the neck and waist with zippered pockets. I can remember how thrilled my mom was on this one that I can almost see her coming through the front door with it leading the way.

It has so much lining, it weighs a ton. I overheat if I have it on in a store. And come spring, I never want to see it again. But by the next winter season, it will be right there along with the rest of them, lined up on my coat rack asking me to take it for a spin and remember.

~ KB

Do you have a favorite coat you still wear today? (The coat featured in this photo is from Chico’s.)

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Hold On

Hold On