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A friend of mine once said,
The sooner I get there,
the sooner I get 
to come back.

That’s a little like saying
the sooner I live,
the sooner,
I can die.

But I am like that too 
sometimes, wish away my days,
the ones I don't like 
can die without me 
and not take
me down.

If I can just get to Thursday, then 
I will be fine, and then I'll have 
the week-end to rest, I say, 
trying to get it all over with 
before it starts 
up again.

The Wisdom of No Escape, 
wrote Pema Chodron.

The only escape is piercing illusion, 
they say, and oh what it takes  
to sink down into 
the compost
of our own spent 
and used up days. 

I want to sink down in them 
no matter what—to feel 
their true nature. 
Isn't that the point?

To sit in the compost of 
all that is not wanted,
and find it somehow
nourishing again 
to another life,
to this new day, 
not yet


~ K.B.

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