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Some Notes on a Calling

Some Notes on a Calling

A friend and I were talking the other day about callings. What they are. How to know if you even have one. How to get one if you don’t. Gregg Levoy wrote an entire book exploring them. http://www.gregg…calling

So what exactly is a calling when it comes to our life’s work?

I always think of my calling as what I am doing, unless I don’t want to be doing it! The feeling that there is something more. That I am missing something. Or that my deepest self is not being utilized, valued, or shared. Divine discontent.

How do you singlehandedly find a calling? You can’t. It’s coming from the depths of your soul, and needs time and space to emerge from your vast soul galaxy.

Calling. Aptly named because it calls out to you, wants you to hear it, summons you to move in its direction as it moves towards you. This whole calling thing — it’s not a one-way street. It’s looking for you too. Yes, I have to believe that! No need to wrestle the gator, as I tend to do. Let the call meet you in the hall halfway.

How to listen for it? To feel that deep resonance? Through your intuitive voice. Intuition is quiet, not dramatic, a knowing, not a straining, a whisper on your breath. A peep!

My calling is flowing states of being (I was a figure skater after all), not endpoints of perfection. Now to get there and stay there! I have to remind myself of this mantra daily when I want perfection in some concrete thing. Some evidence. Some THING. “This,” I can say. “Here.” Something to show for it all.

My mother painted for years until one day she realized she wanted to paint just for fun. It turned out she didn’t have much time left to do so. As to why she worked so hard? “I guess I felt I had something to prove,” I can remember her saying. Sometimes we do. So we must. That in itself is a call. And to give it everything you have.

My mom’s calling was painting, yes, and her deeper calling was the joy of painting itself. We can be close to a calling. Or maybe it is just a series of steps to get to it.

When you are living it, you’ll know it. It’s like being in love. If you have to ask if you are, you’re not.

And just like love, it’s easy to say what it’s not. Harder yet to say what it is. And do it.

Or is it?

~ KB

What is calling you home?

~ Thank you to R.T., and V.A.



Your Best You

Your Best You